Stainless steel Swivels are for linking two parts together which have differing rotational directions. We offer a comprehensive range of Swivels from light weight stamped stainless steel for lower loads up to Wichard’s forged HR (High Resistance 17.4PH) stainless steel for high break loads up to 8,500kg. Available with various combinations of standard swivel eye, large bail swivel eye, webbing swivel and forks with either thumb screw pin, Allen pin or clevis pin.

Wichard Swivels are forged in HR (High Resistance 17.4PH) stainless steel resulting in excellent working and breaking loads for a minimum weight. The exception to this is the Wichard mooring Swivel which is forged from a specific stainless steel to increase corrosion resistance for continual submersion under water.

Proboat standard Swivels are manufactured from AISI 316 stainless steel for a perfect compromise between strength and corrosion resistance. They are an economical alternative to fully forged Swivels offering exceptional quality and value.

For more specific stainless steel anchor Swivels and connectors please see our Kong Swivel Anchor Connectors click here






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