Swageless Wire Terminals


Stainless Steel Swagless Cone Long Thread


Blue Wave Stainless Steel Swagless Cone Long Thread


Stainless steel swageless cone long threaded terminal.

The long thread terminal, for the swageless Cone range, allows you to replace damaged fittings instantly at sea.

Available to suite 1 x 19 Stainless Steel wire or Stainless Steel Dyform/Compacted wire.

No special tools required!

High polished stainless steel AISI 316.


Part Wire Ømm Thread
KW1 KW2 L1
Load KG
BW-SC800611-AL 6 7/16 3.5 17 13 237 70 4600 £69.14 EACH
BW-SC800612-AL 6 1/2 3.5 17 13 241 80 5000 £70.00 EACH
BW-SC800711-AL 7 7/16 3.5 19 15 255 70 4600 £91.56 EACH
BW-SC800712-AL 7 1/2 3.5 19 15 263 80 6000 £91.56 EACH
BW-SC800812-AL 8 1/2 3.5 22 17 293 80 6100 £105.37 EACH
BW-SC800816-AL 8 5/8 4.5 22 17 312 100 8000 £106.13 EACH
BW-SC801016-AL 10 5/8 4.5 27 19 343 100 9900 £150.18 EACH
BW-SC801020-AL 10 3/4 4.5 27 19 361 120 11000 £158.60 EACH
BW-SC801220-AL 12 3/4 4.5 33 24 411 120 14400 £252.97 EACH
BW-SC801222-AL 12 7/8 5.5 33 25 444 140 17000 £312.50 EACH
 Swageless Cone Fitting Instructions

Swageless Cone Terminal Assembly

Apply Loctite 262 on threads, and screw the two parts together. Separate the two parts again, to ensure that the threads are filled with Loctite.

Slide the Cone housing over the wire

Open the outer strands one by one. A screwdriver is helpful for this job.

Place the Cone over the center core of the wire, rotating the cone while pushing.

Twist the outer strands back over the cone. Make sure that all strands are evenly distributed over the cone. The end of the wire must be 1½ x the wire diameter over the top of the cone. Check the distance with the calipers.

Fill the wire former hole with Blue Wave lubricant
The terminal is now ready to be assembled.
Using appropriate tools, screw the two parts together tightly. To ensure total security apply one last half turn. However, do not overtighten threads with excessive force.

As a precaution take the terminal apart and visually check that the strands lay evenly around the cone and fit into the wire former (top part). Finally re-assemble as above and allow the Locitite to dry.

The SCT-terminal is designed for use on 1x19 wire construction as well as compacted and Dyform wires. The user is responsible for proper use and installation of the components. Blue Wave does not take responsibility for damaged threads, due to over-tightening or lack of Loctite. Blue Wave does not recommend to seal the terminal, but advise to rinse the terminal regularly with fresh water and treat with WD40.

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