PSP Coveline/Boat Stripe Tapes


Coveline / Boat Stripe Tape 6mm


PSP Coveline / Boat Stripe Tape 6mm


6mm Coveline / boat stripe tape.

Produced to withstand the harsh marine environment.

PSP stripes are manufactured from stabilised calendared soft vinyl films with a five to seven year life.

Colour stripe tape is manufactured with a clear, easily removable face film carrier.
For best results stripes should be applied at air temperatures between 15°C to 30°C and to a cool dry surface.

After application leave for 72 hours before allowing contact with water.


Part Colour Size mm Pack RRP
PS-2200-BE Beige 6mm x 50m Roll £44.02 EACH
PS-2200-BG Burgundy 6mm x 50m Roll £44.02 EACH
PS-2200-BK Black 6mm x 50m Roll £44.02 EACH
PS-2200-CC Charcoal 6mm x 50m Roll £44.02 EACH
PS-2200-DB Dark Blue 6mm x 50m Roll £44.02 EACH
PS-2200-GN Green 6mm x 50m Roll £44.02 EACH
PS-2200-LB Light Blue 6mm x 50m Roll £44.02 EACH
PS-2200-MB Mid Blue 6mm x 50m Roll £44.02 EACH
PS-2200-MG Matt Gold 6mm x 50m Roll £44.02 EACH
PS-2200-OR Orange 6mm x 50m Roll £44.02 EACH
PS-2200-RD Red 6mm x 50m Roll £44.02 EACH
PS-2200-SV Silver 6mm x 50m Roll £44.02 EACH
PS-2200-TQ Turquoise 6mm x 50m Roll £44.02 EACH
PS-2200-WT White 6mm x 50m Roll £44.02 EACH
PS-2200-YE Yellow 6mm x 50m Roll £44.02 EACH
Colour Chart

NB. The above colours give an indication only and should not be used for a true colour match.






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