PSP Anti-Slip Tapes


Heavy Duty Anti-Slip Tape


PSP Heavy Duty Anti-Slip Tape


Heavy duty Anti-Slip tape.

A rugged abrasive, self adhesive anti-slip tape. Ideal for most types of craft, pontoons, landing stages etc.

Backed with a PVC liner, this product is fully waterproof.


Part Colour Size Pack RRP
PS-6200-BK Black 25mm X 5m Card £7.00 EACH
PS-6200-FL Photo Luminesent 25mm X 5m Card £14.02 EACH
PS-6200-WT White 25mm X 5m Card £7.00 EACH
PS-6201-BK Black 25mm X 18m Roll £15.00 EACH
PS-6201-FL Photo Luminesent 25mm X 18m Roll £21.04 EACH
PS-6201-HZ Hazard 25mm X 18m Roll £21.00 EACH
PS-6202-BK Black 50mm X 5m Card £14.02 EACH
PS-6202-FL Photo Luminesent 50mm X 5m Card £27.04 EACH
PS-6202-WT White 50mm X 5m Card £14.02 EACH
PS-6203-BK Black 50mm X 18m Roll £30.00 EACH
PS-6203-FL Photo Luminesent 50mm X 18m Roll £30.00 EACH
PS-6203-HZ Hazard 50mm X 18m Roll £42.00 EACH
PS-6204-BK Black 100mm X 18m Roll £60.00 EACH






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