IYE 32mm C Series Track & Travellers


C Series 2 to 1 Traveller with Cleats


IYE C Series 2 to 1 Traveller with Cleats


IYE C Series 2 to 1 traveller with cleats.

Yachts up to 14m (45 ft)

12 mm Ø control lines


Photo of C Series 2 to 1 Traveller with Cleats
Part Description No.
Purchase RRP
IT-C103-4 Traveller with single sheaves/cleats 4 2:1 £520.93 EACH
IT-C103-6 Traveller with single sheaves/cleats 6 2:1 £571.90 EACH
Traveller4 Wheel6 Wheel
Yacht Size11m12m
Sail Area25.0m231.5m2
SWL Kg.7751156
BL Kg.21952894
Width mm7575
Length mm110110
Wheel BearingBallBall

Traveller Systems

All materials used in the manufacture of the IYE traveller range are carefully selected for their quality and resistance to the marine environment.

The traveller bodies are made of highly polished salt water resistant black anodised aluminium alloy.

The pins, shackles and axles are made from marine grade stainless steel.

The plain wheel bearings on the ‘K’ and ‘Light K’ travellers are constructed from self-lubricating Delrin® with high load characteristics. ‘C’ (Ballmatic) travellers have alloy wheels loaded with Delrin® balls - a unique IYE design, self-lubricating with open cage construction to allow ease of flushing out.

The ballmatic bearings reduce friction by up to 30%.

The track profile and traveller wheel bearing design allows free running under load with a takeoff angle of up to 40° from the vertical.

Modular Control System

The IYE Modular Control System permits a
multitude of permutations to suit individual
requirements. The standard accessory packs
enable a basic system to be upgraded at a later
date if required.

Travellers complete with sheaves and camcleats are
included in the range to meet the demand for a self contained
assembly. The initial cost of these travellers
is competitive when compared with more elaborate
control systems.


IYE travellers are self-lubricating and only require occasional rinsing with fresh water to remove salt and
dirt deposits. In the event of damage or excessive wear, the modular system allows most parts to be
easily replaced. Wheel bearing service kits are available for the ‘Light K’ and ‘K’ ranges

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