Snap Shackles


Forged SS Webbing Swivel Trigger Snap Shackles


Wichard Forged SS Webbing Swivel Trigger Snap Shackles

Forged stainless steel webbing, swivel, trigger snap shackle.

Wichard Speedlink was developed using finite element analysis software and has an optimised design. Its shape, cut-outs and ribs make it extremely light and give it one of the best strength/ weight ratios on the market.
Speedlink's ultra-technical lines make it one of the most modern and efficient snap shackles available.
  • The special load-bearing surface of the swivel eye avoids excessive rope wear.
  • Its overall design prevents adjacent lines from jamming.
  • Easy opening: opening under load, by using the release fid (see below), is easy and effortless thanks to the generous passage diameter and its optimised slopes.
  • Secure locking: the special shape of the latch reduces inertia and avoids unintentional opening, especially under impact, while the distribution of stresses limits the effort needed to open it under load.

Speedlink is forged in HR stainless steel and can bear exceptional working and breaking loads for a minimum weight.
Photo of Forged SS Webbing Swivel Trigger Snap Shackles
Part Description Length
Max Working
Load Kg
Break Load
WD-2750 Webbing Eye 72 14 11 23 110 2000 0.058
WD-2752 Webbing Eye 83 17 13 26 1440 3400 0.095
WD-2754 Webbing Eye 102 21 17 35 2320 5400 0.174
WD-2756 Webbing Eye 128 25 21 59 4300 8700 0.337

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