Allen XHL Extreme High Load Ball Bearing Blocks


30mm XHL Extreme High Load Laser Vang Block


Allen 30mm XHL Extreme High Load Laser Vang Block


30mm XHL Extreme High Load Laser Vang Block

Introducing Allen’s new ILCA specific XHL Vang Block. This block features the same extreme high load dynamic bearing technology as the rest of the Allen XHL range and has specifically been adapted to work as the ILCA dinghy’s top vang block. By adapting the 30mm XHL block to incorporate a beefed up vang key this block is not only capable of withstanding the Laser vang loads it also looks sleek and stylish. CNC machined, anodised aluminium cheeks, with a precision turned stainless steel sheave in 2 colours.

The XHL range was designed for exceptional performance in classes such as the International Moth where extreme loads can crush the bearing surfaces of traditional blocks; this is taken up by a new extreme high load bearing system.

With a weight of just 55g, a static load in excess of one tonne and a dynamic working load of 350kg, the XHL block is pushing the boundaries of small block performance.


Part Colour Sheave
Ø mm
Line Ø
Max Work
Load Kg
Load Kg
AL-2031-XHL-873-BK Black 30 8 57 350 1000 £157.99 EACH
AL-2031-XHL-873-BU Blue 30 8 57 350 1000 £157.99 EACH






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