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Polyvent Tank Lid


Proboat Polyvent Tank Lid


The quick and easy way to inspect, clean and fill water and fuel tanks. Polyvent is a heavy duty watertight tank lid which has these advantages over conventional lids:

  • It is completely transparent. To find out if the tank needs filling or cleaning, all you have to do is look through the lid.
  • It unscrews. So when the tank needs filling or cleaning, you can take the lid off in a few seconds and replace it just as quickly when the job is done.
  • Tanks fitted with Polyvent lids are easily topped-up with a hosepipe or can. No dock pipes or vents are needed.


Part Description Hole Cutting Dia. RRP
PV-200 Polyvent (Diakon) Complete 241 mm £275.16 EACH
PV-201 Polyvent (Diakon) Screw Lid - £146.89 EACH
PV-102 Polyvent Rubber 'O' Ring Seal - £18.44 EACH
PV-103 Polyvent Stainless Steel Lid Tool - £65.66 EACH






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