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Dynasoft Shackles

These versatile soft shackles are an ideal light weight replacement for traditional heavy metal shackles or snap shackles. Thanks to their flexibility they naturally articulate better than fixed screw pin shackles and do not rattle when not under load. Simple to open and close without tools they are made from the highest quality single braid, polyurethane coated Uhmpe which is incredibly strong, lightweight, waterproof and very low stretch with outstanding abrasion resistance.

Available in diameters 3mm to 8mm with workloads from 360kg to 2,250kg. The standard single string versions have an opening pull cord for easy opening while the 3mm size is also available with an alternative double string body.

  • Alternative to metal snap shackles for securing halyards & sheets.
  • Attaching blocks to toerails or padeyes.
  • Jib sheet clew attachment.
  • Attaching snubber lines to anchor chain.
  • Alternative to metal jib hanks, particularly if you have a Dyneema storm jib stay.


Part String Type Rope Ø mm O/A Open
Length mm
Closed Inside
Length mm
Load Kg
ED-602032 Double 2 - 3 150 60 360 1200 £9.60 EACH
ED-601032 Single 3 - 6 150 55 360 1300 £10.00 EACH
ED-601042 Single 4 - 8 200 75 540 1850 £11.29 EACH
ED-601052 Single 5 - 10 230 85 900 2500 £13.32 EACH
ED-601062 Single 6 - 12 270 95 1350 3500 £15.11 EACH
ED-601082 Single 8 - 16 270 85 2250 6000 £17.11 EACH






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