Rigging Screw Turnbuckle Spares


Metric Thin Wall Rigging Screw Lock Nut


Blue Wave Metric Thin Wall Rigging Screw Lock Nut


Spare / replacement metric thin wall rigging screw lock nut for rigging screw.

Stainless steel AISI 316.


Part LH / RH
BW-041205 RH M5 10
BW-041206 RH M6 10
BW-041208 RH M8 10
BW-041210 RH M10 10
BW-041212 RH M12 10
BW-041214 RH M14 10
BW-041216 RH M16 1
BW-041220 RH M20 1
BW-041222 RH M22 1
BW-041224 RH M24 1
BW-041227 RH M27 1
BW-041230 RH M30 1
BW-041236 RH M36 1
BW-051205 LH M5 10
BW-051206 LH M6 10
BW-051208 LH M8 10
BW-051210 LH M10 10
BW-051212 LH M12 10
BW-051214 LH M14 10
BW-051216 LH M16 1
BW-051220 LH M20 1
BW-051222 LH M22 1
BW-051224 LH M24 1
BW-051227 LH M27 1
BW-051230 LH M30 1
BW-051236 LH M36 1






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