Profurl Structural Headsail Furlers


Pro AM 5-12M Headsail Furler


Profurl Pro AM 5-12M Headsail Furler


Pro AM headsail furler for boats from 5 - 12 metres.
3 year world wide warranty.

  • The ideal system for Day Boats and Sports Boats,
  • Light and easy to handle,
  • Sail can be hoisted and lowered,
  • Possibility to remove easily the halyard swivel only,
  • Quick fitting and removal for trailer boats.

Profurl system: maintenance-free components mounted in a sealed grease bath.


Part Boat
Load kg
Pin Toggle
Pin Eye
PF-PROAM1.0 5 - 7 5 1000 120 8 8 POA
PF-PROAM2.0 7 - 9.5 6 2000 150 10 10 POA
PF-PROAM3.0 9 - 12 7 2000 150 12 12 POA
Installation Guide PRO AM 1.0, 2.0, 3.0

Spares Guide PRO AM 1.0, 2.0, 3.0

is a new generation of structural furlers for 5 to 9.5 metre boats designed for 'all or nothing' sailing (with sails fully unfurled). The sail is hoisted and hauled thanks to a second swivel called a 'halyard swivel'. PRO AM also allows you to lower the sail for wintering, maintenance or just for storage after use.

What's the difference between PRO Am and classic furler?
Structural - The stay fastens directly on the spool and the swivel, so PRO AM supports the mast.

All or nothing sailing - Because it is a structural element, PRO AM allows you to sail with the sail fully unfurled or fully furled. A classic furler with extrusions allows you to sail partially furled.

Efficient - The PRO AM halyard swivel is fitted with ball bearing

How does it work?

· Unlike a classic furler, the PRO AM has a halyard swivel (or tensioning swivel) which allows you to hoist and lower the sail.

· Attachment of the halyard on the halyard swivel

· The halyard clew of the sail is fastened to the Wichard soft shackle

· The head swivel allows the cable to rotate and thus furl the sail

· The tack of the sail is fastened to the Wichard shackle

· The stay (5,6 or 7mm single strand) is fastened to the drum and the swivel at the head

· The stainless steel toggles are fitted to the boats deck and mast

Frequently asked questions about structural furlers:-

Is my PRO AM structural furler a forestay?
Yes the PRO AM furler is 'structual' which means that, combined with the stainless steel cable, it acts as a forestay.

What types of sail can be used with PRO AM?
Foresails (genoa, solent) bent on with snap hooks

Can I lower a sail once it has been fitted?
Yes, thanks to the halyard swivel you can hoist and lower the sail whenever you need to (for storage, wintering, maintenance, etc).

How do I use PRO AM?
PRO AM is to be used for sails that are fully unfurled. Partial furling of the sail is not possible with this type of system.

Can I remove PRO AM easily?
Yes PRO AM can be removed easily, for example, when you have to put your boat on a trailer.

Is the stay fastened to the system securely?
Yes, PRO AM features Smart lock which ensures that the cable is locked to the system and prevents any accidental removal.

Is my PRO AM guaranteed?
Yes, all PRO AM structural furlers come with with a 3 year international guarantee.






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