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NEX STR Headsail Furler


Profurl NEX STR Headsail Furler


NEX STR headsail furler.
3 Year Worldwide Warranty.

5 Standard models available: NEX STR 4.0, 5.0, 8.0, 10.0 & 12.0
Upper size models available on request: NEX STR 16.0, 20.0, 30.0 & 40.0
  • Optimal size and weight for a great performance,
  • Various end fittings available for every kind of deck layout,
  • The greased-immersed systems are watertight and require no maintenance,
  • Swivel Terminals: Eye or lashing eye,
  • Lower Mechanism Terminal: Eye,
  • lashing eye or purchase 4:1.


Photo of NEX STR Headsail Furler
Model No. Fiber Cable
Max Working
Load T
- NEX STR 4.0 Biconic end fittings (Navtec) Spool 4 POA 
- NEX STR 5.0 Biconic end fittings (Navtec) Spool 5 POA 
- NEX STR 8.0 Biconic end fittings or Thimbles Spool or Drum 8 POA 
- NEX STR 10.0 Biconic end fittings or Thimbles Spool or Drum 10 POA 
- NEX STR 12.0 Biconic end fittings or Thimbles Spool or Drum 12 POA 
- NEX STR 16.0 CUSTOM ON DEMAND Boat Example = MOD 70 16 POA 
- NEX STR 20.0 CUSTOM ON DEMAND Boat Example = 80' 20 POA 
- NEX STR 30.0 CUSTOM ON DEMAND Boat Example = IDEC Multihull 30 POA 
- NEX STR 40.0 CUSTOM ON DEMAND Boat Example = Groupa 3' multihull 40 POA 
Stayfurlers for everyone

Initially reserved for the sailing elite (60' open, ORMA mulithulls), stayfurlers are becoming increasingly common on a variety of sailing boats including;
Cruisers, Racers, Regatta boats, One-Designs and Day boats

Compatible sail types: genoa, staysail and solent jib

Why use a NEX STR stayfurler

Improve the performance of your sailing boat
·  Replacing aluminium extrusions with Kevlar of PBO fiber cables significantly reduces weight
·  Optimizing the size and weight of the mechanisms maximizes luff and reduces weight considerably

Safe, easy to use and comfortable
·  The SMART LOCK system enables locking the cable and prevents accidental dismantling without hindering the pin rotation. Entirely integrated into the stayfurler mechanism, the system also prevents adjacent lines from jamming. Available in fork versions.
·  The SAFE SYSTEM on NEX STR stayfurlers allows you to immobilize the furling line when unfurling, thus avoiding accidents and injuries.
·  All furling and unfurling are done from the cockpit.

Fiber Cables
Stayfurlers are installed on anti-twist fiber cables, which replace traditional stainless steel wires, to reduce weight and stretching.

There are various types of fiber cables:
·  Kevlar cables (aramid) are good value for money and readily available.
·  PBO cables (zylon) are mostly used on racing boats; they are lighter and stronger than Kevlar ones but have a shorter lifespan.

Frequently asked questions about Stayfurlers

Manual furler, flying sail furler and stayfurler: what's the difference?
These three systems are very different

Maintain the stay
Among these three products, only the stayfurler contributes to maintain the mast through the use of a fiber cable. The full system replaces the extrusions used with other furling systems and thus significantly reduces weight.

Partial of total furling of the sail?
With all three systems you can sail with the sail fully rolled out, but only the manual furler allows you to set the sail partially furled.

Removable or not?
Because the stayfurler replaces the stay it is permanent unlike a flying sail furler which may be removed after every use.

Combining systems?
Our stayfurlers and flying-sail furlers are complementary and be used together. In conjunction with a stayfurler, a flying furler allows the selection of the most adapted sail depending on sailing conditions to optimize the boat performance.






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