Profurl Flying Furlers


EC Flying Furler with Drum 10-36M


Profurl EC Flying Furler with Drum 10-36M

EC Flying furler with drum for boats from 10 - 36 metres.
3 year worldwide warranty.

  • With a drum and a single furling line similar to manual headsail furler,
  • Economical system,
  • Wide choice of attachments (snap shackle, large eye etc),
  • New: black anodised mechanisms,
The values shown in the table are for information only and should, be verified by a professional taking into account the characteristics of the boat.
Part Model Description Boat Length
if Light Sails*
Boat Length
if Heavy Sails*
Area M²*
Load Kg*
PF-N159000 EC 1500 EC Furler Drum+Swivel 36' 35' 35 1500
PF-N228000 EC 2500 EC Furler Drum+Swivel 42' 38' 45-50 2500
PF-N144000 EC 4000 EC Furler Drum+Swivel 55' 50' 80 4000
PF-N171000 EC 6000 EC Furler Drum+Swivel 70' 60' 140 6000
PF-P183000 EC 12000 EC Furler Drum+Swivel 120' 70' 260 12000
Spares Guide EC1500, EC2500, EC400, EC6000

Frequently asked questions about flying sail furlers

Does my flying sail furler require maintenance?
No, the drum mechanism and swivel are sealed in a grease bath, no maintenance is required.

Is my flying sail furler structural?
No they are the opposite of a structural furler or manual headsail furler, flying sail furlers are not structural and are therefore removable.

Can I sail with my sail partially furled?
No the flying sail furlers are made to sail with the sail fully unfurled.

Where can I buy an anti twist 'Torque' rope?
Rope manufacturers, riggers and sailmakers usually sell this kind of product. Profurl is also able to provide this product please contact us.

Can I use my current sails?
Yes, however a sailmaker must integrate the anti twist cable into the luff of the sail.

Is the storage of sail optimized?
Yes,once the sail is furled and dropped, the storage is optimized. The sail can also be stored onto the deck or along the mast.

I am not a professional skipper; can I use this kind of furler?
The flying sails furlers are dedicated to anybody willing to improve the performances of his boat (professional skippers but also sailor's keen on cruising).

Is my PROFURL flying sail furler under warranty?
Yes, the flying sail furlers benefit from a 3 year world wide warranty.






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