Profurl Flying Furlers


NEX Flying Furler Maxi Spool 18M


Profurl NEX Flying Furler Maxi Spool 18M


NEX Flying furler maxi spool.
One of the benefits of the NEX 8.0 and 12.0 is they are ideal
for solo or short handed sailing

NEX 8.0 and 12.0 furlers are specially designed to optimise the weight
and size of their moving parts, in particular the spool whose increased
diameter means you get a system which is:
  • Ease to use,
  • Easy to handle,
  • Incredibly efficient.
3 year worldwide warranty
**The working loads shown are the maximum working loads of the mechanisms only and are not the loads of the complete system when terminals are included. The product should not be used above these working loads in any circumstances.


Part Max Light
Sail Area M²
(i.e gennaker)
Lower Terminal Upper Terminal Boat
PF-NEX8.0SLB 250 200 Lashing Eye Halyard Block Multi-hull 60' 8000 £5,487.00 EACH
PF-NEX8.0SBL 250 200 Halyard Block Lashing Eye Multi-Hull 60' 8000 £5,487.00 EACH
PF-NEX8.0SHB 250 200 Hardsheave 3.1 Halyard Block Multi-Hull 60' 8000 £7,880.00 EACH
PF-NEX8.0SHL 250 200 Hardsheave 3.1 Lashing Eye Multi-Hull 60' 8000 £6,153.00 EACH
PF-NEX8.0SLL 250 200 Lashing Eye Lashing Eye Multi-hull 8000 £4,748.00 EACH
PF-NEX8.0SMB 250 200 Trigger Snapshackle Halyard Block Multi-Hull 60' 8000 £5,537.00 EACH
PF-NEX8.0SMR 250 200 Trigger Snapshackle HR D Shackle Multi-Hull 60' 8000 £4,920.00 EACH
PF-NEX12.0SBL 350 230 Halyard Block Lashing Eye +80 12.000 £13,073.00 EACH
PF-NEX12.0SHL 350 230 Hardsheave 3.1 Lashing Eye +80 12.000 £13,920.00 EACH
PF-NEX12.0SLL 350 230 Lashing Eye Lashing Eye +80 12.000 £11,086.00 EACH
PF-NEX12.0SHB 350 230 Hardsheave 3.1 Halyard Block +80 12.000 £16,153.00 EACH






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