Profurl Spinex Top Down Furler


Spinex Top Down Furler 9-18M


Profurl Spinex Top Down Furler 9-18M


Spinex top down furler for boats from 5 - 18 metres.
3 Year World Wide Warranty

Top Down Spinnaker Furler -
Re-discover the joys of asymmetric spinnakers.
Handle an asymmetric spinnaker easily and safely.
With Profurl's Spinex, sails can be hoisted and ready to use at a moments notice.

  • 4 Models available for boats from 5 to 18m and asymmetric spinnakers,
  • Delivered as standard: anti-twist cable, end fittings,
  • High-density spheres,
  • Patented system,
  • The lower end fitting is a Clevis Pin Shackle,
  • The Upper end fitting is a D Shackle.


Part Boat
As Standard
Load Kg
of Cable
& Spheres Kg/M
PF-SPX0.9A Up to 9 Up to 50m² 100 9.5 14 900 0.450 POA
PF-SPX1.5A Up to 11 Up to 80m² 120 9.5 17 1500 0.450 POA
PF-SPX2.5A Up to 14 Up to 130m² 150 12.7 20 2500 0.460 POA
PF-SPX5.0A Up to 18 Up to 250m² 195 12.7 25 5000 0.460 POA
Spinex v2 Installation & User Guide

Top Down Furling

When it comes to asymmetric spinnakers, top down furling is the best solution for bringing in your sail. The concept first appeared on maxi yachts before filtering down to more modestly-sizes sailing boats.

Thanks to the swivel tack, the sail can be furled from the top downward to progressively stifle the sail without creating a jam.

Why choose Spinex?

Using asymmetric spinnakers in some conditions can be dangerous. With the Spinex, you're going to rediscover the joys of this type of sailing because it allows you to:-

· Easily handle this type of sail (even short handed)
· Remain in the safety of the cockpit
· Improve the performance of your sailing boat by using downwind sails

Which sails?

The Spinex is designed to furl flying sails with a loose luff, such as asymmetrical spinnakers.

Frequently asked questions about furling an asymmetric spinnaker:-

Can I use my exsisting asymmetric spinnaker?
Yes, the Spinex is designed to be used with existing asymmetric spinnakers.

Can I use it to furl my symmetrical spinnaker?
No, the Spinex is designed for asymmetric spinnakers only.

Can I furl other kinds of flying sail?
Yes, by removing the swivel tack and the end fittings, the SPINEX becomes a NEX and can be used to furl flying sails such as gennakers and code zeros.

I already have a furler, such as a NEX or other, can I use it for furling my asymmetric spinnaker?
Yes, all you have to do is get the SPIN KIT which includes the swivel tack and the end fittings. It can also be fitted to the systems of some competing brands.

Can I partially furl my asymmetric spinnaker?
No, it's an all or nothing system which requires you to furl the entire sail.

Is the SPINEX heavy or cumbersome?
The SPINEX is heavier than a classic system but the cable and the balls ensure optimum performance. So it's a question of compromise. However, once furled, the SPINEX can be easily stowed in the sail bag.







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