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Electric Cruising Headsail Furler


Profurl Electric Cruising Headsail Furler


Electric cruising headsail furler for boats from 13 to 26 metres.
3 year world wide warranty.

  • Easy installation on the existing forestay,
  • Delivery of the gear motor already pre-wired,
  • Available in 12 or 24 V DC,
  • Length of extrusion: 2 metres,
  • Low power consumption,
  • 9 Models available,
  • Available in 'Cruising' version or 'Racing' version.


Photo of Electric Cruising Headsail Furler
Model No. Boat Length
Power of Electric Motor Power supply/amperage
- NDEC 420 13 - 15 10 700W (12v) - 800W (24v) 12v/60a or 24v/30a POA 
- NDEC 430 14 - 16 12.7 700W (12v) - 800W (24v) 12v/60a or 24v/30a POA 
- NDEC 480 14.5 - 18.5 14.3 700W (12v) - 800W (24v) 12v/30a or 24v/30a POA 
- NDEC 520 16.5 - 18.5 16 700W (12v) - 800W (24v) 12v/30a or 24v/30a POA 
- NDEC 530 18.5 - 22 19 700W (12v) - 800W (24v) 12v/30a or 24v/30a POA 
- NDEC 600 Over 22 22 700W (12v) - 800W (24v) 12v/30a or 24v/30a POA 
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Frequently asked questions:

Can we transform a manual headsail furler into a motorised furler?
Yes Profurl offers a motorisation kit enabling a retrofit to an existing manual furler. This kit incorporates a motor gear and fittings.

Do I benefit from a warranty on my motorised system?
Yes, all the Profurl products benefit an international warranty. The motorised systems have a 3 year world wide warranty.

Does my motorised system require maintenance?
No, as all the Profurl systems, the motorised systems do not require any maintenance.

Is my motorised system noisy?
No, the Profurl systems generate little noise.

Does my Profurl motorised system consume power?
The power consumption of a Profurl motorised system is low (equal to the consumption of a light bulb during 20 minutes of illumination).

  Efficient systems

  · Thanks to the integration of high-performance materials, the special grade   cast aluminium housing is protected against corrosion
  · All the stainless steel parts are insulated from the aluminium housing
  · The gear ratios have been configured to produce a high output and the ideal   speed of rotation. The luff extrusions are engineered to
 withstand the high torque produced by the gear motor.

  Comfort and Ease of Use

  · The motorised systems enable you to sail comfortably and safely
  · The sail can be furled in either direction (depending on the side the anti UV   strip has been attached)
  · The self-locking mechanism is non-reversible (no manual locking is   required  to immobilise the extrusions).
  · The noise of the operation is minimal giving little inconvenience
  · The Profurl systems do not require any maintenance

  An Easy installation

  ·The Profurl motorised systems can be fitted on the existing forestay, with or   without a rigging screw.
  ·The special bottom fitting allows customised installation: raised from the   deck for easier anchoring, low to the deck for maximum luff length
  ·Converting a manual headsail furler is also possible, by removing the bottom   drum mechanism and replacing it with a motorised gear motor.


  ·In case of power supply failure, the Profurl motorised system includes a   handle socket (handle supplied) located at the rear of the housing,
 allowing for instant manual operation






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