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Stainless Steel 7x19


Proboat Stainless Steel 7x19


Stainless Steel Wire Rope 7 x 19

High Flexibility

Our bright polished stainless steel 7x19 wire rope is manufactured to the highest standard from premium quality, marine grade AISI 316 stainless steel and suitable for marine, commercial and architectural applications where high flexibility is required. A popular general purpose wire rope. Each reel has full traceability and can be supplied with test certification on request.

Marine grade AISI 316 stainless steel

Certified to EN12385-4
Dimensions and tensile grades, conform to the above international standard which stipulates tolerances on nominal diameter, minimum tensile strength and minimum breaking force for strands and finished wire ropes.

Supplied in multiples of 125m.


Photo of Stainless Steel 7x19 Proboat Marine Equipment


Part Wire Type Dia. mm Break
Load Kg.
BW-WR71902 Stainless steel 7 x 19 2 232 £0.70 METER
BW-WR71925 Stainless steel 7 x 19 2.5 362 £0.80 METER
BW-WR71903 Stainless steel 7 x 19 3 521 £1.00 METER
BW-WR71904 Stainless steel 7 x 19 4 927 £1.73 METER
BW-WR71905 Stainless steel 7 x 19 5 1448 £2.00 METER
BW-WR71906 Stainless steel 7 x 19 6 2086 £3.37 METER
BW-WR71907 Stainless steel 7 x 19 7 2839 £3.64 METER
BW-WR71908 Stainless steel 7 x 19 8 3708 £4.63 METER
BW-WR71910 Stainless steel 7 x 19 10 5793 £8.47 METER
BW-WR71912 Stainless steel 7 x 19 12 8343 £16.03 METER






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