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Anti-Chafe Tape


PSP Anti-Chafe Tape


Anti-chafe tape is the ultimate solution to protect paintwork and gel coat from wear from sheets, lines and ropes.

It can be used in a variety of applications, such as onto mast and spreaders
guard rails, under the boom and around the pad eyes, blocks and deck hardware.

This high performance tape is supplied with a throw-away blue backing sheet ideal to cut to
shape and install on all surfaces that may be damaged from rope burns.
These include cockpit coamings, gunwale edges etc.

It can also be applied in areas coming into contact with sails,
easing passage on a tack or gybe and reducing wear and damage by reducing friction.

It has the benefit of being very low friction, allowing sails and ropes to run smoothly over the surface.

It is clear, offering a discreet choice to protect against friction rubs.


Part Size Micron Pack RRP
PS-1910 4 x Mixed Patches Mixed Card £27.71 EACH
PS-1911 50MM X 3M 130 Card £33.89 EACH
PS-1912 50MM X 2M 250 Card £33.89 EACH
PS-1915 50MM X 16.5M 130 Roll £115.12 EACH
PS-1916 75MM X 16.5M 130 Roll £172.62 EACH
PS-1917 50MM X 16.5M 250 Roll £189.34 EACH
PS-1918 75MM X 16.5M 250 Roll £284.03 EACH

Mixed Patches pack contains:

4 x sheets on a blue disposable liner.
2 x 125mm x 150mm (250 micron)
1 x 100mm x 125mm
1 x 75mm x 125mm (130 micron)


This tape will stand up to the elements to provide protection in the harshest environments and is UV and temperature resistant, from -40 degrees to 110 degrees centigrade, so this tape will not fail when it really matters. Application is simple – ensure the surface is clean and dry, cut to shape, remove the blue liner from the tape and press down firmly from the centre, making sure to remove all air bubbles.

1. Cut to required shape.
2. Prepare the area for application by ensuring it is clean and dry.
3. Remove the protective blue lining paper.
4. Press down firmly from the centre, ensuring there are no air bubbles.

Polyolefin film with a high performance acrylic adhesive Operating temperature -40°C to 107°C Coefficient of friction 0.11 to 0.25 This application is intended to help prevent wear to vulnerable areas.

Available in rolls of various widths or packs of mixed patches.






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