Allen Tiitan Ceramic Ball Bearing Blocks


30mm Tiitan Ceramic High Load Block


Allen 30mm Tiitan Ceramic High Load Block


30mm Tiitan Ceramic High Load BLock

Weighing in at only 28 grams the Allen TiiTAN block is the lightest and strongest 30mm ball bearing pulley available on the market. This is an incredible 30% weight reduction when compared to even the 30mm Allen XHL block.

The new lightweight titanium sheave includes Allen’s specially devised V profile, optimised for the fast running of rope without weakening the working load of the line. The V profile also allows smaller Dyneema or wire lines to be used with the TiiTAN block, whilst retaining the friction reduction benefits of a larger sheave diameter.

Typical applications include vang cascades, halyard turning points, backstay systems, high load Cunningham and outhaul systems.

  • Lightweight titanium sheave
  • Ceramic ball bearings for faster rolling speeds
  • High load aluminium side cheeks
  • 30% lighter than the XHL block
  • 25% higher Breaking load than the XHL block


Part Colour Sheave
Ø mm
Line Ø
Max Work
Load Kg
Load Kg
AL-9030-BU Blue 30 8 40 500 1250 £196.51 EACH
The TiiTAN bearing system is one of a kind. Featuring twin rows of ceramic ball bearings running on a stainless-steel axle giving the titanium sheave unmatched rolling speeds. Ceramic ball bearings also offer the added benefit of reduced friction in salt water, when compared to stainless steel bearings.

At the heart of the TiiTAN is a precision bearing system with a plain bearing axel washer. When exposed to extreme static loads, the Tiitan bearing system transfers the load onto a high load plain bearing axel. This load transfer protects the ball bearings from static load distortion. As soon as the static pressure is reduced the TiiTAN returns to a high-performing dynamic block. The point at which this change happens has undergone meticulous testing and development to ensure the block stays in dynamic mode for as long as possible.

Aluminium side cheeks hold the TiiTAN together offering a much stronger and longer-lasting body that holds its shape under extreme loads. These side cheeks feature a chamfered rope guide to keep the block in the correct orientation as well as two lashing line holes. We recommend using thin whipping twine or kite line to lash the attachment rope in place.

The TiiTAN block is perfect for use across a wide range of boats, including high-performance dinghies, foiling dinghies, sports boats and grand prix yachts.






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